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The sailing is certainly part of your experience. You can sit back, relax and let the crew do it for you or you can jump right in and man the winch, set the sail or just drop the anchor! Ask the crew for instructions and further your training or just bury your nose in a book lying in the sun. The choice is entirely yours.

Whitsundays is home of 74 Islands and offers semi sheltered sailing to a number of amazing anchorages.


Snorkelling is a must and we can cater for the keen swimmer and novice. With experienced crew who can assist if needed you’ll find the underwater world enthralling.

Coloured Corals, both soft and hard and an array of fish species that boggles the mind will enchant.

Practice your sailing!

Wildlife Watching

Turtles are often seen and specific anchorages will delight you with the numbers.

With the unique position as one of the worlds largest Dugong breeding grounds, keep our eyes out for them in the calm waters high in the inlets where they like to feed on the sea grasses.

Stingrays and Mantarays are other local inhabitants who will often appear and elegantly sashay by as they go about their business. Dolphins are the perennial crowd favourite with their inquisitive nature. As they ride the waves on the bow they dive and glide through the water with ease and grace.

The seasonal migration of a number of species of Whales delights everyone with the Whitsunday Islands offering a perfectly sheltered breeding ground. Every year excitement increases during the Whale season as we all watch for the sight of them breaching and playing in the waters, sometimes the glimpse of a new calf is offered and in successive years we’ve seen these babies grow up and return each year eventually breeding themselves.

Turtle Spotting!

Beach / Bush Walking

Beach walking is both a great relaxation and an adventure as you can set off on sands feeling like you’re the first person to walk them.

Sporting Games and Activities

A game of Beach cricket can be sorted within minutes and a hot sunny day means the outfielders in the shallows have the best spot for keeping cool and providing spectators with the glorified attempted catches! Throw a Frisbee around or simply stretch and relax in the soft sand – the choice is yours.


Most of all make sure you relax! Simply sit around, take it all in and enjoy. A casual dip in the clear water, a laze in the sun and let the location and atmosphere consume you.

Holiday your way...